Gather the eligibility requirements and materials needed along with the Assessment materials - these are all set out below.

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For any Seed Advanced grant application to be eligible, it must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  • Applicants must have the following written by credit to be eligible to apply:
    • Film and Television – as a documentary or narrative writer who has created more than a total of 90 minutes of broadcast or theatrically performed material which has been produced by a recognised production company, platform or authority.
  • Applicants must hold the rights to the application project.
  • Applicants can only apply to one fund per round – either Seed or Seed Advanced. One or more applications may be submitted per round.
  • Applicants can apply with the same project up to three times, on the third reject that applicants project can no longer be submitted to the Seed grant.
  • Applicants can apply an unlimited amount of times to the grant, if the project(s) they are applying with haven’t been rejected more than three times.
  • Applicants who have received a Seed grant cannot apply again with that successful project.
  • Applicants who have received a Seed grant cannot apply to the grant again within six calendar months of completing the grant requirements.

Where there is more than one writer per Seed or Seed Advanced application, eligibility will be determined as follows:

  • The application to either Seed or Seed Advanced will be based on the writer with the MOST amount of experience.
  • This is determined by any one of the writers of the application meeting the Seed Advanced eligibility criteria:
  • Film and Television Written By credits – as a documentary or narrative writer who has created more than a total of 90 minutes of broadcast or theatrically performed material which has been produced by a recognised production company, platform or authority.
  • Or at the discretion of the NZWG Executive Director, where writers of the application combined written by credits exceed the Seed eligibility criteria.


Only complete applications will be eligible to be accepted into the Seed Advanced Grant assessment process.

Eligible applicants must submit as outlined below in Eligibility Materials and Assessment Materials. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Seed Advanced Grant Application Fees-

$20.00 – Members of NZWG, Women in Film and Television (WIFT), Pacific Islanders in Film and Television (PIFT) and / or Nga Aho Whakaari. Please note which group you are a member of (with membership number) if it is not NZWG.
$40.00 – Non-members of any of the above organisations.

Additional (Optional) Feedback Fee-

$100 + gst –An Additional (Optional) Feedback service is available for $100 + gst at time of applying. This is one page of feedback written by an assessor covering notes on the application.

Terms and Conditions 

– (See below) to be read and agreed to at online order.

Applicants Details & Biography / Resume

– This should demonstrate eligibility according to Application Eligibility and will include identifying details which will not be supplied to the Assessors.

Budget and Plan for Seed Advanced Grant

– An outline of how the grant will enable the applicant to write and deliver the next draft of the script.

Budget and Plan for Development Fee Element of the Grant

– A detailed budget and plan to cover the reasonable costs of developing the project. Costs can include (but are not limited to): script consultant fees, script assessments, script related research costs, table reads and script workshops. Applicants cannot apply for funding to cover costs already incurred.

Rights / Chain of Title

– These grants are for writers working on their own projects only. They are not available for producers looking for alternative sources of funding to pay writers to work on projects where the producer is a rights holder.

Writers who are working on adapting pre-existing works such as novels can apply, but they must include chain-of-title documents showing that they have secured the film rights to the underlying material.


Must have all identifying details removed, no pictures or links to external websites.

All identifying details MUST be removed from the following submitted materials. Remove writer(s) names, contact details and other of the writer’s personal identifiers. No pictures, links to external websites, casting references or director’s vision to be included in the treatment or script. All materials should be presented in PDF format in industry-standard formatting and 12 pt courier font.

Scripts and Treatments to be uploaded as PDFs only.


The logline is a statement, in 35 words or less, that reflects the narrative ‘hook’, premise or essential dramatic dilemma inherent in the proposed film. This is not a tagline for a movie poster, but rather a one or two-line summary of the film’s essential storyline.


The synopsis is a highly-condensed story outline of no more than 250 words that clearly reflects the dramatic spine of the film. It must touch on the film’s tone, genre, emotional journey and key characters, and must include the film’s ending.

Potential Audience

This paragraph will answer to the following questions. Who is the primary target audience? What makes this movie different from competing movies? Why should your audience spend their time and money watching this movie?

Treatment - 5 TO 10 PAGES

This is one of two key documents on which the application will be assessed. The treatment can be five to ten pages. This should deliver an outline of the core narrative story, including a beginning, middle and an end. The treatment should also convey the emotional journey, structure and genre, as well as something of the tone and characters.

Screenwriting Sample – 10 PAGES

This document is the second of the two key documents to be assessed. Whilst the synopsis and the treatment state the promise and potential of the idea, this screenwriting sample delivers on that promise. It has to show that the writer can execute this screenplay in a skillful and professional manner. This includes tone, dialogue, cinematic imagery, transitions between scenes, and all the other elements that create a filmic experience in the reader’s mind.

  • The screenwriting sample must be from the same feature film as in the Seed Advanced application.
  • The sample pages must include some dialogue.
  • The sample pages may include non-consecutive scenes.
  • 10 pages of standard script formatted sample.


  1. The Applicant understands that the NZ Writers Guild Seed & NZ Writers Guild Seed Advanced Grants are part of the Seed Scheme run by the NZ Writers Guild with funding from the New Zealand Film Commission and is for feature film projects only.
  2. No relationship of agency is established between the NZ Writers Guild Seed Grants or the NZ Writers Guild or the New Zealand Film Commission and the Applicant by the submission of this application.
  3. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that :
    1. The NZ Guild and the New Zealand Film Commission receive many ideas, scripts and projects for consideration or assessment and it is possible that some of the ideas, scripts and projects already under consideration or submitted after the date of this application may be similar or identical to some or all of the project submissions; and
    2. The Applicant will not hold the NZ Writers Guild or the New Zealand Film Commission liable in any way for the use of ideas of a general or generic nature contained in the submission (including, without limitation, any idea, theme, situation, geographic area and/or period in history).
  4. All rights in the submission remain the property of the Applicant.  The NZ Writers Guild may copy the submission for assessment, however will not otherwise copy or distribute the submission without the prior consent of the Applicant.  However, the Applicant agrees that details about their project and their name and address may be held by the NZ Writers Guild to assist with tracking for future workshops.
  5. The Applicant understands that this is a blind submission process and has not included their name on any page of the script.
  6. The New Zealand Writers Guild is not responsible for the loss of submissions.  Applicants must retain a copy of their submission.
  7. Non-payment of application fee invalidates the entry.
  8. All decisions concerning applications and assessments of project submissions are at the absolute discretion of the NZ Writers Guild. No further correspondence will be entered into with Applicants.
  9. All Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  10. Assessors and staff of the NZWG are not eligible to enter this competition.

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